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Regions of Hungary / Győr-Pannonhalma

With the arrival of January 2023, our new mini series - bringing Hungary's tourist regions to life - also started. Unlike the others, however, we are not launching our mini-series with these two best-known regions, but rather with the Győr-Pannonhalma region, which is closest to our hearts. And why? Our office is housed in a small jewel box in the center of Győr, the "capital city" of Győr-Pannonhalma region.


Something new in progress / Busy December at ETS

Busy December at ETS. New projects & partnerships and something promising in progress…


Sopron and its surroundings – Study tour before Chritsmas

As I am writing these lines, I am back at the office, having returned home full of experiences a few days ago from a two-day study trip organized by the Hungarian Tourism Agency. I would also like to thank them for the opportunity and invitation.