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28 October 2022

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Study tour in Pannonhalma – Thousand years of presence

A few weeks before we were participating at a team bulding study tour in Pannonhalma, organized by its Millenary Benedictine Archabbey.

2 weeks before, our team had the opportunity to participate at an educational tour, organized by the fascinating Millenary Benedictine Archabbey of 🌟Pannonhalma🌟

In Hungary Pannonhalma is well-known as a historical, memorial place for a long time. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1️⃣9️⃣9️⃣6️⃣!

The Archabbey is a sacral, historical, memorial place, which is a vibrant religious centre at the same time, that still❗️ operates today.

But Pannonhalma is not just about religion and religious tourism. It’s much more than that. The Benedictine Abbey is not only the home to a community of about 40 monks who, besides having an active religious life, operate a boarding school, it also makes sure that visitors don’t leave without sampling some gastronomic specialities and rich experiences.

The Archabbey houses a Winery a Herbal Garden and a Fragrance Museum as a highlight, where the famous abbey wines, lavender syrup and truffles as well as wine vinegars with herbs are made.

Our team collected some really great ideas and experiences, that we are surely going to present to our partners and guarantee an unforgettable stay in our country with a fascinating excursion in Pannonhalma!

A special thank you to Pannonhalma for the welcoming invitation❣️

Let the pictures speak for us⤵️


Pannonhalma study tour
Pannonhalma study tour
Pannonhalma study tour
Pannonhalma study tour

Greetings, ETS team❤️

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