Hungary is undeniably the “Country of waters” with its natural lakes and world-famous thermal baths. No wonder Budapest earned the title of “World’s Spa Capital” considering the hundreds of natural hot springs and drilled wells one can find in the city. The vast majority of these wells and spas around the country possess medicinal water (usually above +30 C°) which is famous for its healing and rejuvenating effect. Let’s get a better picture of the so-called Spa-towns in Hungary.

Budapest is a city full of secrets, surprises, wonders and hidden spots to explore. It is one of the oldest yet youngest cities in the world, fusing its historic and its metropolitan selves. Among the many names the city was given over the years, the most telltale one is “the Pearl of the Danube” as Budapest is divided in two by the most “European” of all rivers, the Danube. It is quite a sight with those elegant bridges arching over to connect the two parts. You should start to explore the city at the top, with the magnificent Buda Castle and Castle District.


Hévíz ranks as the largest and one of the best-known spa towns in Hungary. It is famous for its unique hot water lake-bath that has its healing effect in itself but everyone can combine the options for the most suitable packages.


Bükfürdő is a wonderful place in the West Transdanubia region, another spa-town and healing center of Hungary with many opportunities for the perfect relaxation. In Bükfürdő Thermal and Spa guests can try out the adventure park called the Crystal Tower or the Kneipp Park, or do some fishing, hunting, biking or Nordic Walking as active relaxation.


Sárvár with its intimate atmosphere is rich in historical and natural sights. Nowadays, it is just mentioned as the “medical miracle” Spa town. As far as attractions go, the place does not fall short with programs and sights: for history seekers the Nádasdy Castle, whereas for the adventurous ones the Adventure Park or the Pannonia Ring Track are highly recommended.


Miskolctapolca is a small vacation-town and it has a real specialty, the only cave-spa of Europe with its constantly 29°C thermal water. It has been excavated and channeled by water from hard bath stone cliff during thousands of years. It truly worth to visit the cave-spa and gain an unmatchable experience of swimming in a pool covered by nature.


Hajdúszoboszló is the most popular spa resort in Eastern Hungary. Thanks to its medical thermal water, the town has earned the title of “the rheumatic clients’ Mecca.” It has a large medicinal and thermal bath complex that offers high quality services.