Happy New Year!


30 December 2022

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Happy New Year!

The best things are born in difficult circumstances – said Balázs Kovács, the managing director of GD Consulting. The quieter periods, such as Advent and Christmas, are a great opportunity to identify with this idea.


Not only in the tourism sector, but all over the world, we have witnessed and are witnessing events that usually do not take place over the course of several decades, let alone 3 years!

The coronavirus pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the energy crisis were all with us this year, even though we slowly learned to live together with the first one and to start to take steps in the direction of creating a new tourism. Creating new ideas, new opportunities.

We strive to create a sustainable, experience-focused tourism with our partners, and we believe in joint collaborations that help each other hand in hand.


We are at your disposal for a nicer, more sustainable tourism, that brings back the joy of travel and true happiness in the coming year, as we all did this year as well. Thank you for being with us in 2022.

See you in 2023!

Happy New Year from ETS

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