Baroque Wedding Győr


12 August 2022

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Baroque Wedding – weekend in Győr❣

#baroquewedding2022 just started today!🤩
More than ever before, 620 guests were expected at this year’s 197th Anna Ball in the garden of the Anna Grand Hotel.
During the Baroque Weekend, the European culture of the 17th and 18th centuries is revived in the city centre of Gy❤r.
For 2 days, visitors can enjoy a real #festivalexperience, with #performances on stage and in the streets, alongside merry #costumes, dancers, fairground comedy and what’s more…a real #wedding!👰
Baroque Wedding
Illustrious company, beautiful, reform-era milieu, street dance and ball maelstrom.💃👠

Don’t miss next year’s Baroque Wedding, come with us and wisit Hungary!🇭🇺

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